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With a goal to build a sustainable future supported by a solid foundation, we go to great lengths to bring together financial resources and human capital, combined with innovative ideas and resourceful approaches to achieve the company’s goals and objectives.

As an established organisation with decades of history, we are committed to continuously improve, innovate and add value to our clients and stakeholders. We look forward to working alongside
like-minded talents and organisations to build a path towards a brighter future.

Welcome to Sym World.

Sym World Group of Companies

Sym World Group comprises numerous business entities across industries under these categories.

Marketing Communication Services

Sym World Innovation is a MSC status company. Together with its subsidiaries, we provide services in creative and multimedia design, media buying, online marketing and advertising, outdoor media, as well as marketing-related innovations.

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Virtual Commerce & Virtualisation of Things

Sym World Marketing works with business partners to bring products and services onto various online platforms and open up new channels using innovative online and offline strategies. 

Virtualtech Frontier focuses on utilising Virtual Reality technology to help businesses virtualise contact with customers and carry out business activities virtually.

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Investment & Resources Management

Sym World Resources,
Sym World Ventures and its subsidiary, SWI Capital invest in and manage real assets such as office space, industrial complexes, shoplots, residential units, event facilities as well as companies with bright potential in various sectors of businesses.

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Agrotech & Agri-Marketing

Sym World Agrotech invests in modern agriculture techniques and technology to maximise yield of agricultural land. We bring together financial resources, innovative strategies and expertise to grow and market agriculture produce.

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Group Management Team

Behind every successful company is a team of great leaders to continuously inspire and drive progress. At Sym World, we bring together the best talents and expertise to spearhead impactful change across industries.

Inspiring Passion & Purpose
We believe the best way to achieve greatness is by working with people who are truly passionate about what they do.

Sharing a common purpose to grow the organisation, we set out to work with forward-thinking individuals who take pride in doing their best work every day.
Investment & Resources Management
Building Successful Client Relationships Client servicing and relations is at the heart and core of our work.

By taking on an empathetic approach to anticipate and understand clients’ needs, it allows us to see the bigger picture in every scenario, thus helping us continuously create and drive value for our clients.
Marketing Communication Services
Crafting Immersive Brand Campaigns We believe every customer’s journey is unique to their own.

With this approach, we are able to create, craft and curate engaging content and proven strategies alongside the latest innovations and technology know-how, subsequently deliver impactful growth for brands in the long run.
Marketing Communication Services
Virtualising the Future of Business At Virtual Tech, there is a saying; anything you visualise, we can virtualise.

We believe in working together to produce innovative ideas for the client’s objectives, and to provide practical solutions that work. By deploying a range of end-to-end solutions via latest AR and VR technologies, our business also focuses on viewers’ engagement to create buzz and transform any event into a unique virtual experience.
Virtual Commerce & Virtualisation of Things
An Appetite for Healthy Eating Agrain started with a simple but important mission — to make eating well simple.

We want our products to help our customers achieve a healthier lifestyle. High-quality meals shouldn’t taste bland or come at steep prices, but instead be convenient, nutritious, and most importantly, delicious yet affordable.
Investment & Resources Management